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At J & D Service we work with outside companies to provide our customers with the best possible solutions to their refrigeration repair needs.

If you are looking for information on possible energy rebates or considering updating equipment, you have come to the right place.  Please review the information below and fill out a form in the Contact section of this website, and we will get back to you with in one business day.

EnergySmart Grocer© Program

The EnergySmart Grocer Program is funded by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) to help grocers upgrade equipment and streamline operations to get the highest possible energy savings.

Who can participate in the EnergySmart Grocer program?

EnergySmart Grocer will assist customers in verifying they meet the following eligibility requirements:

1.) Participating stores must be grocery stores

2.) Stores must be PG&E electric customers paying the Public Goods Program surcharge 

3.) Customers must show an electricity demand of 70kW or greater

For more information on the EnergySmart Grocer program please visit their website by clicking on their logo above.

ControlTec LLC©

ControlTec, LLC. is an innovation and marketing group made up of energy management professionals with over twenty years of experience.  ControlTec has been a leader in the industry sector of the Anti-Sweat controls.

What are Anti-Sweat controls?

Anti-Sweat controls are devices that regulate the energy used by anti-sweat heaters.  By doing so, customers can save money on energy usage and can potentially receive rebates.

What does ControlTec, LLC. offer?

Co-developed with one of the largest glass display door companies in the world, the ControlTec AS-20 is designed to give you complete control of your frozen and medium temp equipment. The AS-20 combines anti-sweat controls for your energy hungry glass display doors with optional 24 hour temperature sensing and monitoring for your food cases.

For more information click on their logo above.

Micro Thermo Technologies©

Micro Thermo Technologies provides control and energy management systems for supermarket applications.  Micro Thermo has a full line of refrigeration, HVAC, lighting and energy control products.

Micro Thermo’s Alliance system offers the most advanced technology to control and monitor your entire store—from refrigerated cases and compressor racks to rooftop HVAC units and lighting.

Here are just some of the functions:

  • Accurate control of temperature and pressure settings
  • Immediate, prioritized alarm notifications
  • Ability to ensure that your perishables are protected around the clock

For more information click on Micro Thermo's logo at the top.


Verisae’s vision is to enhance the performance of their customers by delivering software and services that enable the organization to actively manage and reduce costs related to facilities and the assets within them.

Verisae’s Sustainability Resource Planning (SRP) platform encompasses the core functions of sustainability requirements by combining multiple business processes and systems into one database that is used across the organization.

What are the three key drivers that are impacting businesses?

1) Rising Energy Costs

2) Environmental Compliance and Business Uncertainty

3) The Emerging Carbon Market

To learn more about Verisae, and how they can improve the functionality of your business while saving you money, click on their logo located above.