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At J & D Service our technicians are certified and undergo a rigorous training program, so our customers can rest assured that they are receiving the best possible service.  Our skilled technicians offer extensive service to a growing number of customers. Utilizing high-tech applications and software, we can configure, control, monitor, and analyze just about any operation in a customer's location.

Remote Access

Using our state of the art programs we can alter the temperature, check the lighting and energy systems, interface with the unit, or simply notice an alarm has been triggered by a door being left open. J & D Service can review all of these issues, and more, without placing a foot inside the location. By combining mobile technology and integrated control solutions, we can diagnose system issues and perform the necessary repairs very quickly, reducing the risk of further damaging the equipment.

Mobile Service

Equipped with mobile tablet computers, our technicians can: write up tags, capture client's signatures, and e-mail a copy of the work tag to the customer, all with the click of a button. A work tag is then billed and sent by e-mail to the customer, reducing the amount of paper used and work hours spent writing and mailing invoices, all of which translates into our customers saving money.

At J & D, we mix mechanical experience and technological advancements to provide our customers with service that they can count on.

By using all of the resources available, our technicians can quickly diagnose an issue and find a cost & energy efficient solution. For more information on the different programs and tools available please stop by the Partners section of our website.