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Going Green

When doing business at J & D Service Company, we make it a priority to be environmentally aware. We not only follow the green movement but try to lead it. That is accomplished by:

  • using energy efficient systems
  • retro-fitting systems to be more energy efficient
  • staying informed on new laws and regulations
  • using the most efficient vehicles and equipment possible

J & D Service works with government agencies to ensure that the best possible practices are in place to protect our environment.

The link provided (EPA Seal, to the right) will take you to the EPA's website, where you can read about changes being made to further improve our industry's way of doing business. Using state of art equipment and technologies,  J & D Service assists it's customers on staying on the green track.

We are available whenever an environmental audit is performed, to ensure the agency performing the audit and the client has all the information available.

J & D presents data to independent companies that offer sustainable environmental management.

Working together, we can:

  • regulate carbon emissions
  • address issues of sustainable planning and design
  • help reduce waste 
  • improve water management.

More that just being there when our clients are audited, all of our technicians are EPA certified before handling any regulated material. So, when a system is being serviced or repaired, our customers know that qualified technicians are taking every precaution to ensure all EPA regulated guidelines are being followed.

By evaluating our customer’s current systems, we can suggest any changes or retro-fits to increase energy efficiency. With some of the green initiatives already established, most companies can expect see a direct savings of energy costs as well as certain tax credits. While going green reduces our carbon foot print, it can also increase our customer's bottom line.

To learn more about potential rebates your company could receive please visit our Partners section.